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The Management Team

 Mr. Falak Naz – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr. Falak Naz is a finance professional as a Chartered Accountant Finalist with a track record of eight (09) years practical experience in the field of financial management, as worked with national and international companies. He graduated from University of Karachi and get his master degree qualification from the same university and Certified from Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan (ICAP). He completed his artisanship from PKF International as the number 7th Accounting and Management Consulting firm around the globe.


He had well acquainted knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS, s and International Auditing Standards (IAS, s) and practical experience of implementing code of corporate governance in multimillion companies comprising national and international organization. He had a good track of his financial career growth throughout his professional development and on strategic level can boost an organization from its very root to its well structure and sustainable organization.


He served the top management position in multimillion companies as Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Director Audit and Assurance and served different sectors of economy including Banking, manufacturing, trading, supply chain and etc. He joined Exchangerzone Inc. as Chief Finance Officer (CFO) from 23 September, 2017


Mr. Sarteeb Parsa – Chief Operation Officer

Mr. Sarteeb Parsa Joined Exchangerzone, Inc. in October-2017. Mr. Sarteeb Parsa has more than 10 years of experience in finance, Accounting, financial analysis and Financial Reporting. He also has a good grip on Accounting standards, IFRS, Variance Analysis and Reconciliation and Microfinance. He is young, energetic and hard working. He is good in team work and committed to his job. He is good at working under pressure. Previously, he worked with the MADRAC, Mutahid, and IFC. He has a good track record of managing the operations of various non-banking financial institutions and also of managing loan portfolios. He served more than four non-banking financial institutions and achieved various milestones and achievements during his past tenure.


Mr. Muhammad Sadiq Razi Panah- Chief Compliance Officer


Mr. Muhammad Sadiq Razi Panah has a professional background in compliance and legal for over 7 years. He has obtained his bachelor degree in Commerce and MBA (Finance) from Afghanistan. He started his career as compliance Manager and then joined with various institute Kabul- Afghanistan as in charge Risk Management for four years. His sphere includes identification, measurement, monitoring, reporting and controlling of credit, market, operational, liquidity and other risks. He was responsible for implementation of integrated risk management framework within the bank including setting of risk appetite, tolerance limits, assessment of pillar I and pillar II risks under Basel II, ensuring adequacy of capital, review and assessment of credit risk on transaction as well as portfolio basis. He was also accountable for stress testing, and periodic review of risk rating models. He is having extensive experience in managing risks in all key domains of a bank headquarter such as, Credit, Operations, Finance, Compliance, Market, IT, HR and other important units including branches. Mr Muhammad Sadiq Razi Panah joined Exchanger zone in 2017.




Mr. Ghami Habibi – Acting Chief Information Technology Officer

Mr. Ghami Habibi graduated in computer science from Rana University. He started work with Exchanger zone in December-2015. He served various position related to information technology. He has a track record of 03 years of experience. He worked with different local and international organization and currently working as the chief information technology officer of Exchangerzone Microfinance Co. He is having extensive experience in managing risks in all key domains of a financial institute headquarter such as, Credit, Operations, Finance, Compliance, Market, IT, HR and other important units including branches.


Ms. Zuhal Ghafari – Acting Chief Administration and Human Resource

Ms. Zuhal Ghafari Joined the Exchanger zone, Inc. on 22 November 2017 as a Chief Human Resource and Admin Officer, Ms. Zuhal has almost 6 years of professional experience with several national and international organizations. Before joining Exchanger zone, Inc. She worked with AWWP (Afghan Women Writing Project), ACSOR (Afghan Center for Social - Economic and Opinion Research), RET (Refugee Education Trust) and Transcorplines. Ms. Zuhal oversees diverse operational areas including Research, Job Counseling, leadership Management, Educational Management and Components of human resources.

Ms. Zuhal holds a Bachelor degree in Administration and Educational Management from Mashal University and will over her MA in Finance Management from Kabul University. She is confident, result-oriented and a team player and she likes readings and travelling.

Mr. Ahmad Faheem Abrahim Khail – Acting Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

Mr, Ahmad Faheem joined Exchangerzone 26th October 2016 as finance professional in the finance department to handle all the financial record and control for the finance department. He had graduated from Kabul University in year 2014. He had worked as a credit analyst in Afghan Credit Support Program (ACSP) from 20th August 2014 to 28th February 2016. Ha had a track record of 05 years of professional experience in credit and finance. He had got various certificates in the field of finance, credit, public speaking and leadership.